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Prabhakar Bati

Size: 80 TAB

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Baidyanath (Jhansi) Prabhakar Bati is an ayurvedic pill used to treat heart ailments. It contains mineral origin substances and consequently should only be taken under a doctor’s prescription. It possesses anti-angiogenic and cardioprotective properties. Acts as a cardiac tonic Effective against heart disorders Improves the blood circulation

Acts as an alterative, haematinic. Effective in all types of heart disease, lung diseases. Tonic for heart disease, lung diseases. Indicated in general debility mental weakness, vertigo.

Swarnamakshik Bhasma, Lauha Bhasma, Abhrak Bhasma, Javkshiri, Shilajit (Purified), Arjun Chhal quath.

1 to 2 tablets with madhu twice a day.

Bhaishajya Ratnavali

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