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Body Size Thin build Medium build Large build
Body Size Low Medium Heavy side
Weight Change Trouble gaining Can gain but lose quickly Gains weight easily, hard to lose
Skin Type Thin, dry Smooth, combination skin Thick, oily
Skin Texture Cold, roughness, light color Warm, reddish, freckles Cool, pale
Hair Dry, brittle, scarce, gets knotted Straight, oily, prone to hair loss Thick, curly, oily, wavy, luxuriant
Hair Color Brown, black Blond, gray, red, Dark black, dark brown
Teeth Big, roomy, stick out, thin gums Medium size, soft, tender gums Healthy, white, strong gums
Nose Uneven shape, deviated septum Long, pointed, red nose tip Short, rounded, button nose
Eyes Small, sunken, dry, active, freq.blinking Sharp, sensitive to light Big, calm,
Eyes Color Black, brown bright gray, green, yellow / red, Blue
Nails Dry, rough, easily broken Sharp, flexible, long, reddish tint Thick, smooth, shiny surface
Lip Dry, cracked Often inflamed Smooth, large
Lip Color Black or brown tint Red or yellowish Pale
Chin Thin and angular Tapered Rounded, big
Chiks Sunken, lines or wrinkles Flat and smooth Big or round
Neck Long, thin Medium Wide
Chest Small, flat Moderate Broad chested
Belly Small, flat Moderate large, defined
Belly Button Small, irregular Oval, superficial Big, deep, round
Hips Small or thin Moderate Big
Joints Cracking noise Moderate Large, lubricated
Appetite Irregular in frequency and magnitude Strong, cannot skip meals Steady, regular, skips meals
ATaste Preference Sweet, sour, salty Sweet, bitter, astringent Bitter, pungent, astringent
Thirst Variable Need water regularly Sparse need for water
Digestion Irregular Quick Slow
When there is indigetion Tendency to constipation, forms gas Causes burning, heart burn, reflux Forms mucous
Elimination Dry Loose Thick, sluggish
Physical Activity Always active Moderate Slow, measured
Mental Activity Always active Moderate Calm
Personality Vivacious, talkative, social, outgoing Likes to be in control, intense, ambitious Reserved, laid back, concerned
Emotional Response when stressed Anxiety, fear Anger, jealousy Greedy, possessive, withdrawn
Faith or beliefs Variable Dedicated/strong Consistent
Intellectual response Quick, not detailed Accurate, timely Paced but exact
Memory Good short term, quick to forget Medium but accurate Slow to remember but then sustained
Career, life preference Creative arts, designing Science or engineering Management, human relations, care giving
Environment Easily feels cold Intolerant of heat Uncomfortable in humidity
Sleep Short, broken up moderate and sound Deep and long
Dreams Multiple and quick, fearful Fiery, often about conflicts Slow, romantic
Speech Rapid, hither thither precise, articulate Slow, monotonous
Financial Buy on impulse Spends money on luxuries Good at Saving money

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