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“Baidyanath”, is India’s one of the leading organizations in Ayurvedic medicines, tonics, powders, and other products. With the legacy of more than 100+ years, “Baidyanath” was established in 1917. The organization has played a revolutionary role in re-establishing ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with modern research & state of art manufacturing facilities in various parts of India.


With more than 800 products in the various categories like Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care, immunity booster, juices, tonics, herbal tea, weight management etc Baidyanath is now supported by modern methodological & systematic research and technologies and delivers its gentle healing touch to the millions around the world.


To aid Baidyanath in its strive for excellence and to promote Ayurveda through modern research, the organization has set up Shree Baidyanath Research Institute (SBRI) to develop and formulate products relevant to modern times, addressing modern ailments and needs.

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