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Baidyanath was born a century ago when Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma started manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines. Convinced that Ayurveda had much to offer mankind, he systematically documented the vast repository of a 5000 year old discipline, classifying medicinal plants, recording herb processing techniques and cataloging ancient therapeutic recipes.

In a world that seeks novelty, Baidyanath steadfastly documented India’s oldest tradition of healing, offering its ancient wisdom to the world.

Baidyanath has validated millennium-old Ayurveda formulations by following stringent norms of modern clinical research. Through its R&D and strict testing procedures, Baidyanath maintains high standards of manufacturing, product quality and packaging. It enriches its ayurveda repertoire by evolving new formulations while standardizing traditional herbal preparations.

Baidyanath represents the true legacy of Ayurveda.

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Baidyanath manufacturers over 700 Ayurvedic preparations comprising of about 50 well studied and researched patent medicines. Baidyanathhas emerged as the largest Ayurvedic medicines manufacturing company with a turnover of more than 100 million catering to the needs of society within India & even overseas. 900 Authorized Stockiest and over 50000 retailers distribute the medicines to every nook and corner of India. Every day more & more news is pouring in about the achievement of Ayurveda in tackling some of the most dreaded diseases which cannot be cured or controlled by modern medicines. Baidyanath believes that the answer lies in Ayurveda and it shall forever strive to discover remedies to mitigate pain & suffering of the people and usher in good health & resistance to disease.