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Jwaharmohra Ras No.1

Size: 10 TAB

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tablets of Baidyanath Jawahar Mohra no. 1 with gold are available. It's a great drug for treating illnesses of the brain and the heart. It is most frequently prescribed by ayurvedic doctors in northern India. Efficacious in alleviating stress and depressive symptoms. Teaches Tachycardia to go away. A wide range of cardiovascular conditions, including heart enlargement (Cardiomegaly), heart palpitations, chest pain and cardiomyopathy, are treated. Eliminates conditions such as madness and epilepsy. In schizophrenia treatment, it aids Relieves apnea and insomnia. Women with menorrhagia will find this useful. Concentration, memory loss, and senile dementia in the elderly can all benefit from using this supplement. The elixir acts as a calming agent. Tridosha

Alterative & Cardiac tonic. Indicated in palpitation, anxiety.

Manikya Pishti, Panna Pishti, Mukta Pishti, Prawal Pishti, Gold Flakes, Amber, etc. Bhavana -Rose Water

100 mg. to 200 mg. 10 tabs.with madhu twice or thrice a day.

Ayurved Saar Sangrah

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