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Obesity – Management with Ayurveda

Obesity – Management with Ayurveda

Obesity is a chronic disease that impact all over body. People with overweight have a greater chance of developing serious diseases like:

Heart disease: In ayurveda it is mentioned that it is good to be underweight than overweight. People with obesity are difficult to treat. Obesity leads to Hypercholesterolemia that is the primary cause of Coronary artery disease that leads to Heart attack.

Type 2 Diabetes: Obesity can cause resistance to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. In insulin resistance the blood sugar becomes elevated.

Joint Problems: Obesity causes Osteoarthritis, which is the disease of weight bearing big joints. Due to obesity there is extra impact of stress over hip and knee joints. Later it will damage the joints and develop osteoarthritis.

Causes of Obesity:

Inactiveness: The more comfort in life make life more complicated. Sitting jobs for long period or constant watching television sitting at same place for hours or all the activities that restrict you to be active can cause obesity.

Junk food: Due to busy life style people have less time that they even change their eating habits and eat fast foods and junk foods. These are higher in calories and due to inactiveness it will stored as fat on all over the body.

Insufficient sleep:  People who do night shift jobs, overtimes or are night-owls are at more risk of obesity. 

Medical issues: There are few medical issues that cause obesity, Hypothyroidism and PCOS are example of such medical conditions.

Management with Ayurveda

There are some herbs that indicated in Ayurveda for weight management Like Guggulu, Garcinia Cambogia, Haldi, Triphala and Green tea.

Baidyanth is a century old organization and know people’s requirements. Following are some formulations For weight management from Baidyanath:

1. Medohar Guggulu

2. Trim Tea

3. RTD juice for weight management


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