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Ayurvedic Medicine for Fever – Symptoms and Treatment


Fever, also known as pyrexia, is a condition in which the bodys normal temperature is raised above equilibrium. Medicine for fever in baidyanath is mahasudharshan churn, mahasudharshan ghan vati, godanti bhasm, tribhuvan kirti rasa, mahajwarankush rasa, aanandbhairav rasa, maha mritunjaya rasa, giloy satva, jayamangal rasa,vishamjwarantak bati, sanshmani bati, sarvajwarahar loha,  basant malti rasa, lakshmi vilas  rasa, kalmeghasav, amritaristha etc.



Fever generally begins with slight shivering,pain in the head and various parts of the body, thirst and great lassitude.The flow of urine is scanty As the fever rises, the pulse and respiration become faster Finally, there is profuse sweating, a copious flow of concentrated urine, and general relief of symptoms.

Causes: The term fever has a very wide application. It is the symptom of a body’s fight against infection. It is one of the most common features of the several diseases. In many cases, it is a secondary symptom of the disordered state of the body with which it is associated .the real cause of all fevers, including common fever, however, is the accumulation of morbid matter in the system due to wrong feeding habits and unhygienic conditions of living. Fever is thus a natural attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of toxic matter

Ayurvedic Medicine for Fever, Diet & Lifestyle:

The patient should be put on a fruit juice and water at the beginning of the treatment. The procedure is to drink the juice of an orange in a glass of warm water every two hours from 8am to 8 pm.After the temperature has come down to normal for a few more days. In this regimen, he should take three meals upon a well balanced diet according to his age, with emphasis on fresh fruits, and raw or lightly cooked vegetables

While the patient is on an orange juice fast, a warm water enema should be given daily to cleanse the bowels. Cold compresses may be applied to the head in case the temperature rises. Complete bed rest is advisable.

Home Remedy: .

Note: Medicine should be taken according to vaidya/docter

Treatment with Remedies and Ayurvedic Medicine

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