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Krimikuthar Ras

Size: 80 TAB

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Krimikuthar Ras Tablet is an ayurvedic drug in tablet form that is used to treat a variety of parasitic worms in the human digestive system. The inorganic form of mercury and its sulphides, which are known as rasa sindoor and have been shown safe, are often used in the manufacture of ayurvedic remedies. A common treatment for intestinal worm infestation and the symptoms that accompany it, Baidyanath Krimikuthar Ras is available. It aids in the alleviation of stomach cramps.

Anthelmintic, carminative & antispasmodic. Used in expelling worm in patients of all age groups.

Kajjali, Vidanga,Hing, Indrajau, Vach, Vidlawan, Kambila, Karanj seeds, Palash seeds, Supari, Anantmool, Hing,Lahsun & Ajowain.

Adults : 1 to 2 pills Children : 1/4 of the above dose with water.


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