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  1. From a lying position, with your arms straight out behind you, inhale and come up to a sitting position. Point your feet at the ceiling and pull the flesh of your buttocks out from underneath you, so that you are sitting directly on the pelvic bone. Stretch your arms above your head, lengthening the spine.
  2. Pulling the abdomen in, exhale and fold forward from the pelvis, leading with the chest and keeping your back straight. Bring your chin toward your shins and your chest toward your thighs. Dont bend from the middle spine.
  3. Continue right down and hold on to whichever part of your legs or feet you can comfortably reach without bending the knees. With practice, you can Warp your index fingers around your big toes and bring your elbows down to the floor, or stretch your arms out over your feet, as shown right.
  4. In the position, breath deeply, feeling yourself advancing forward a little more every time you exhale. Hold for three to four deep breaths at first gradually increasing the number as you become relaxed in the pose. When you release the position, reach forward as you come up.

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