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Benefits of the asana

Effective For liver disorder(hidden lotus).

Practicing these BHADRAASANA poseswill help you to achieve the lotus. Sit with spine erect and soles of the feettogether, heels close to the body. For the Ankle-knee pose, press your kneesforward with a straight back. For the Butterfly, right, clasp your feet andmove your knees up and down.

  1. To assume the Lotus position, start by sitting with your legs out in a "V" shape in front of you, with spine erect. Bend one knee and bring the foot in, placing it high on the thigh. Now bring the second foot in. If you place it under the opposite thigh, you form the Half Lotus
  2. The Half lotus (ARDHA PADMASANA) which is easier at first, and can be used for meditation and PRANAYAMA until your legs are more supply. For the full Lotus, you lift the second leg in over the first placing the foot high on the opposite thigh. In the classic Lotus, the left leg is on top, and the knees touch the floor.

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