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Mall Sindoor

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Traditionally, Ayurveda's Mall-Sindur included the mineral mall as a component of its mineral formulation. Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3) is found in the mall. Sankhiya, Gauripashan, and Fenashma are just a few of the many other names it goes by. In Ayurvedic medicine, arsenic is only utilised after a thorough cleansing. Siddha Bheshj Manimala is the source of mall Sindur. With Sitopaladi churna, it should be taken in a very low dose. Ayurvedic mall-sindur is a mineral formulation. is As2O3, or arsenic trioxide. Sankhiya, Gauripashan, and Fenashma are just a few of the many other names it goes by. As a powerful toxin, arsenic is only employed in Ayurvedic medicine after extensive cleansing. Siddha Bheshj Manimala's Siddha Sindur mall is mentioned. Low doses of Sitopaladi churna should be used. Vata and Kapha disorders benefit from the use of Mall Sindoor. In the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, it is prescribed for the treatment of cholera, malaria, and syphilis. Sujak is given the same drug. Mall Sindoor is effective in treating Vata disorders, such as hemiplegia, Amavat Rheumatism, Gout, and Kapha diseases, such as Pneumonia and Respiratory ailments. Weakness, old age, chronic asthma, indigestion and male sex organ weakness are all conditions in which Mall Sindoor can be helpful.

Acts as an antispasmodic & stimulant. Indicated in asthma, paralysis, rheumatism, anti-infective, pneumonia, shwaskas, influenza, convulsion, delirium, hysteria.

Kajjali, Ras Kapur, Sankhiya, Ghrit Kumari

65 mg to 125 mg with Madhu or ginger juice twice a day.

Siddha Yog Sangrah

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