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What is arthritis

What is arthritis

Arthritis is a inflammation of joint. There are different type of arthritis and the most common types are Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and infective arthritis. Arthritis have predilection for particular joints depending on the type but knees, hip and small join of hands are commonly affected though any joint can get involved.

Symptoms- Arthritis causes pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints. Apart from that patient may feel fatigue, mild fever and weight loss. Many patients also complain of morning stiffness and as day advances stiffness decreases. Slowly disease progresses and joints become deformed and contracture develops. 

Clinically it is a disease of two opposite dosha so it is difficult to plan the treatment. Allopathic treatment mainly comprises of pain killers which causes gastrointestinal side effects and in long term impairs kidney function. Also, there is no cure for arthritis in allopathy.

Disease modifying therapy is costly and requires close follow up and monitoring for side effects. Ayurveda as a holistic approach can help in a better way by improving the quality of life and restricting progression of disease. 


Home remedies-

1. You can take turmeric powder with a glass of milk and sugar. Turmeric has a anti-inflammatory properties so it reduces pain and swelling over the joints.

2. You can also take a piece of ginger in boiling water along with honey and lemon juice for taste. Ginger has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Treatment- Baidyanath’s artho oil and Rheumartho tablet is recommended for arthritis treatment.

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