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What is allergy??

What is allergy??

Allergy is a very loosely used term on a daily basis. Any prolonged illness of nose, stomach or skin which is difficult to treat is often labeled as allergy, however actual meaning of allergy is a little-known fact in general.

Allergy basically is a excessive reaction of our immune system against harmless environmental agent like pollen, latex, food etc. or  a defense mechanism against harmful agents like bacteria viruses or fungi but however in allergy immune system act against harmless agents and damages normal body tissue. 


Commonly symptoms are related to eyes, nose, skin, stomach and respiratory system. In eyes it may cause redness, dry eyes and itching or recurrent runny nose, sneezing and swelling of nose and eyelids. Allergy of skin is most common and causes rash, dry skin and cracked skin. Some patients have prolonged cough, breathlessness and tightness of chest.

Home remedies:
Turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk at bedtime as turmeric is known to have anti inflammatory properties and stabilizes immune system.
Ginger piece in a boiling water with honey and lemon juice for taste.
Lemon juice has Vit C and helps in preventing allergic rhinitis(cold).


Avoid allergic agent. Avoid dust, smoke, pollen, bitter food like pickle, and very cold food products like ice-creams. 


Daily 1 teaspoon of BaidyanathChyawnprash at bedtime.
Triphalachoorn 1 teaspoon with water at bedtime.
Amla juice 10-15ml with a glass of water in morning on empty stomach.  

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