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Viral fever Reasons and Prevention

Viral fever Reasons and Prevention

Viral fever is a dangerous health problem in this season. People of all ages suffer from it. This disease has symptoms like headache, light or high fever, cough, colds, throat pain etc. In the changing environment, the virus become more active And our immunity becomes weak, due to which the infection is done immediately.

Everyone wants to keep themselves and their family safe and healthy. We want them to be prevented before the disease spreads. Allopathic medicine is effective only after illness, there is no such remedy in which it helps in prevention of disease. 
Ayurveda is a thousand years old medical practice in our country, in which not only the treatment of disease but also the prevention of disease described. Acharya Charak,Shushrut and Vaghbhatt have described how the use of seasoning and some special drug substances for Prevention and disease treatment.

As you know, Baidyanath is one of the oldest Ayurvedic companies in India and manufactures over 700 classical products, making constant efforts on how to serve the public through Ayurveda medicines.

In this sequence, some medicines are produced by Baidyanath for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as viral fever. Some medicines and their intake methods for viral fever are being given below. You are requested to use it according to your Doctor’s advise

For Viral Fever Prevention:
Guduchi (Giloya) Ghan Bati 1-1 Tab morning evening
Papainwin Tablet 1-1 tablet morning evening
Chyawanprash Special 1-1 teaspoon morning evening
At least for a month

Viral Fever Treatment:

Guduchi (Giloya) Ghan 30 tablet
Papainwin Tablet 30 tablet
Abhrak Bhasm 5g
Gudanti Bhasma 5 g

Grind all of the above,make 30 doses and take 1 dose with honey three times a day

If there is cold or cough, then take Zucamo Syrap & Gulabdhasadi Kadha 1-1 teaspoon with lukewarm water in the morning and evening.

*Define Medicine Dosage in children with the advice of the physician.


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