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What is migraine??
Migraines is the most common type of headache. Migraine is mostly a Vata-pitta dosha or tridoshic condition but it can also be triggered by anyone of the individual doshas. Migraines can affect both adults and children but is more common in women than in men. Often there is a history of migraine in mother or siblings.


Headache – The headache gets worse over several hours and is usually throbbing. It often affects 1 side of the head.
Nausea and sometimes vomiting
Feeling sensitive to light and noise – Lying down in a quiet, dark room often helps.
Aura – Some people have something called a migraine "aura." An aura is a symptom or feeling that happens before or during the migraine headache. Each person's aura is different, but in most cases the aura affects the vision. You might see flashing lights, bright spots, or zig-zag lines, or lose part of your vision. The aura usually lasts a few minutes to an hour and then goes away, but most often lasts 15 to 30 minutes.

Other associated symptoms includes dizziness, neck pain and decreased sleep.

Is there anything I can do to prevent migraines? —

Yes. Some people find that their migraines are triggered by certain things. If you can avoid some of these things, you can lower your chances of getting migraines.

Common migraine triggers include:
●Skipping meals or not eating enough
●Changes in the weather
●Sleeping too much or too little
●Bright or flashing lights, Smartphones
●Drinking alcohol
●Certain drinks or foods.

Home Remedies:

Apply peppermint oil over forehead. The menthol in peppermint may stop a migraine from coming on. Daily yoga can be helpful.

1.Pathyadi kada 15ml two times a day with water. It helps in reducing frequency of attacks.
2.Shirshuldi vajra ras 1 tablet twice a day.

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