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Inappropriate food ,diet  and Life style causes vitiation of Pitta and it increases the amount of acid in stomach,  this problem is called Hyperacidity. The main symptoms of  this disease are as follows:

indigestion, Belching, chest burn, heaviness in the body, desire of vomiting or vomiting, sour water in the mouth, irritation of eyes and burning in the body are the main symptoms of this disease.

You should be careful to avoid Hyperacidity, should try to stay away from the reasons mentioned here. You Should eat light  food,Avoid excessive hot, pungent, and spicy food. Avoid eating too much junk food items because these do not easily digested, which increases your problem,avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco products.

Ayurvedic treatment of Hyperacidity

If you do not get relief even after avoiding the reasons mentioned above, then the Ayurveda treatment described below should be used.

1-Avip[attikar Churna 30 g

Praval Bhasma 5 g

Kamdudha Ras 30 tablet

Moti Pishti  2 g

Make 30 doses of the above mentioned formulation and take 1 dose in the morning and one in the evening before food.

2-Amlapittantak Yog Tablet (Baidyanath)

1 tab in the morning after meal ,1 tab in the evening after meal.

3- Amlapittantak   syrup (Baidyanath)

2 table spoonful in the morning after meal , 2 table spoonful  in the evening after meal.


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