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Hemorrhoids Management In Ayurveda

Hemorrhoids Management In Ayurveda

Piles also known as Hemorrhoids. These are swollen Hemorrhoidal veins that present in the lower part of the anus. When the walls of these veins are stretched, they become irritated. The condition is very painful and uncomfortable. It is advisable to treat them early as hemorrhoids gets worse over time.


1.      Pregnancy

2.      Aging – Commonly occurs between 45 – 65.

3.      Diarrhea

4.      Chronic constipation

5.      Sitting for too long

6.      Heavy lifting

7.      Obesity

8.      Anal intercourse – It can also worsen existing Hemorrhoids


1.      Painless Bleeding

2.      Itching or irritation in the anal Area

3.      Discomfort, pain or soreness

4.      Lumps and swelling in the anal region

5.      Redness


There are two types of Hemorrhoids.

1.      Internal Hemorrhoids that is deep inside the rectum and not visible from outside. They are normally painless and the first sign of internal hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding.

2.      External Hemorrhoids are present around the anus. They are visible. They are painful. Due to straining while passing the stool may cause them to bleed.


Significant chronic blood loss from Hemorrhoids can cause Anemia.


1.      Eat food that is rich in fibers and easy to digest. As we know that chronic constipation leads to Hemorrhoids.

2.      Drink plenty of water.

3.      Avoid Over straining while using toilet. This creates pressure in the veins resulting in inflammation in veins.

4.      Sitting and standing still for long puts pressure on veins. Physical activity will be advised in this case.

5.      Maintaining healthy weight.

Treatment: As we know from above mentioned details that majorly hemorrhoids occurs because of sedentary lifestyle. Best way to treat hemorrhoids is to do regular physical activity, drink plenty of water, and include fibrous food in your diet.

For severe cases of hemorrhoids Ayurvedic treatment will help. No painful surgery required.

Baidyanath is one of the largest manufacturers of Ayurvedic medicine since over 100 years. They regularly work on every product to increase their quality and efficacy without altering their manufacturing process mentioned in the thousands years old classical texts. Following are medicines and their doses advised:

1.      Tab. Pirrhoid – 2-2 tablets twice a day

2.      Pirrhoid Ointment – For local application twice a day

3.      Arshoghni Vati – 1-1 tablet twice a day

4.      Mahashankh Vati - 1-1 tablet twice a day

5.      Bolbadh Ras - 1-1 tablet twice a day

6.      Abhayarisht – 15-20 ml with lukewarm water twice a day

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