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Get Flawless Shiny Hair by Ayurved

Get Flawless Shiny Hair by Ayurved


Hair loss is a distressing condition for an increasing number of men and women. Therefore, it is of great importance, to develop new therapies for the treatment of hair loss. It is a dermatologic disorder, and the surge, at BRF for discovering natural products with hair growth promoting potential is continuous.

Hair loss, or alopecia, is of great concern to both males & females and a source of significant psychological and physical distress. The main problems associated with hair loss are

Hair fading,

Dandruff &

Falling of hair.

Natural products in the form of herbal formulations are available in the market and are used as hair tonic, hair growth promoter, hair conditioner, hair-cleansing agent, antidandruff agents, as well as for the treatment of alopecia, dandruff and lice infection.


The Ayurvedic system of medicine in India acclaims a number of herbal drugs for hair growth promotion.


Maintenance of hair is not a challenge. Just follow the right routine/life style to nurture the Scalp & hairs. The average human head has about 100,000 hair follicles. The speed of hair growth is roughly 11 cm/yr.


Proper cleansing and oleation helps in grooming hairs. Because cleansing requires emulsification of dirt intact to hairs and scalp because of Sebum and oil secreted naturally by hair follicles make chelates, which are difficult to remove. To remove these, emulsification is needed, and this can be done with soap and water. Now, soap being a caustic affects both scalp and hair. Use of hard soap left the scalp and hair eroded. So, selection of shampoo plays a vital role in scalp and thereof scalp & hair health.


Various synthetic medicines (actually chemicals) are available for hair loss which does not treat permanently & also shows severe side effects


Herbs & herbal products like Oils & Shampoos are clinically proved good for hair growth.


Baidyanath has come up, after a long R&D effort of Baidyanath Research Foundation, with

Anti-Dandruff Herbal Shampoo

Anti Hairfall Herbal Shampoo

Damage Repair Herbal Shampoo

Ayu Kesh Hair Oil

Ayu Almond Hair Oil

Bhringraj Oil


Names are self-explanatory in case of Shampoo. Formulations are derived from all authentic herbs via true classical ayurvedic preparation methods, as written in authoritative books, at ultramodern technology equipped GMP certified units, under supervision of Qualified technical staff, guided by Traditional Vaidyas.


While in case of hair oils, Both the hair oils are free from Mineral Oils, Silicon & Paraben. Parabens are blamed for allergic reactions and premature greying, while mineral oils for their carcinogenic activity. Silicon, make layers on hairs so hampers natural moisturizing process.

Ayu Almond Hair Oil, is a blend of such oils and herbs, which nourish completely the scalp and hair shaft. Moreover, it’s a non-sticky oil, so highly recommended for daily usage even in highly urbanized and industrialized settlements.


Ayu Kesh Hair Oil, is conceptualized for fragile hairs and for stressed persons. Content are such, which replenish the lacking hair promoters and are stress busters, to keep the scalp cool and therefore calm, so act as a sleep promoter too. Regular usage showers the premature greying too.


Likewise of Oils, Shampoos are also free from Harmful Chemicals like Silicone, Paraben and SLES. SLES act as surfactants & detergents and mainly used for foaming. BRF take a note on chemical based foaming agents, and thrusted for natural ones. So, you may find little less foam while using Baidyanath’s Shampoo, because of BIG no artificial foaming agents.


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