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Obesity is a condition where a person has deposited too much body fat. It is different from being overweight, which means weighing too much. The weight includes muscle, bone, fat, and body water.

Obesity called when you eat more calories than you use. The balance between calories taken and calories burn differs for each person. When body fat increased then a person have risk for many critical problem such as heart disease, liver damage, diabetes, arthritis and kidney problems.

Person having Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 25 and 29.9 person are considered overweight. If  BMI is 30 or over person are considered obese.

BMI is equal to weight in kg divided by height square in meter.

  • Increased body fat
  • Breathlessness on exertion
  • Lethargy
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive sweating with bad odor


Factors that might affect your obesity include your genetic makeup, overeating, eating high-fat foods, hormonal, behavioral, not being physically active, cultural. There are many other factors causing obesity such as pregnancy, tumors as well as endocrine disorders and medications include psychotic drugs, estrogens, corticosteroids and insulin.

In Ayurveda, obesity is known as Medarog, which is caused by the increases of Kapha Dosha. Properties of Kapha are dense, heavy, slow, sticky, wet and cold in nature. It governs all structure and lubrication in the mind and body apart from controlling weight and formation of all the seven tissues - nutritive fluids, blood, fat, muscles, bones, marrow and reproductive tissues. When kapha is aggravated, produces toxins in the body. These toxins accumulate in Medovahi Srotas (fat channels of the body), causing their blockage leading to an increase in the production of Meda Dhatu It causes an increase in weight.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Fever, Diet & Lifestyle:
  • Avoid oily and fried foods, processed foods, fatty foods like butter, purified butter, cheese, whole-milk yogurt, cream, chocolate, high carbohydrates like polished rice and potato.
  • Increase intake of fruits, salads, bitter vegetables like bitter gourd and the bitter variety of drumsticks.
  • Deep, dry massages with herbal powders and pastes udwarthanam, synchronized massage with specific oils abhyanga and herbal steam bath helps mobilize the accumulated fat; whereas yoga programs and asana prevent its further accumulation like bhujangasana, shalabasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, trikonasana and vakrasana. Pranayama and proper diet. Walking and regular exercise helps in maintaining good health.


Home Remedy:

The Ayurvedic line of treatment for obesity can be done by eliminating Kapha-aggravating foods from the diet and cleansing of the Medovahi channels by ayurvedic medicine so that excess weight can be reduced.

Note: Medicine should be taken according to vaidya/docter

Treatment with Remedies and Ayurvedic Medicine

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