Swan Shakti Ras Capsule - Natural antioxidant containing Swarn Bhasma

Swan Shakti Ras Capsule - Natural antioxidant containing Swarn Bhasma

Physical impairment coming with increasing age is a normal natural process and it comes with a decrease in physical activeness,strength and energy. There is Continuous  production of new elements and breakdown of old ones takes place in the body and the process is called metabolism.

As a result of metabolism that runs within the cells, some harmful oxidative molecules are formed which harm their own cells. Actually this is the process of aging .By eliminating these oxidative molecules, we can control the aging process to a lesser extent, and however, the aging process cannot be stopped. The elements that eliminate these oxidative molecules are called antioxidants.

It is natural that by slowing down the Aging Process, the weaknesses and other symptoms of ageing can be reduced. Almost similar types of symptoms also occur in High Blood Sugar patients. In these patients the full amount of sugar taken in the food is not used by the body cells and the body starts becoming weak. This may also results in some serious diseases such as retinopathy & neuropathy etc.

There are many herbs and Minerals in mentioned in Ayurveda which are natural antioxidants. Such as Shilajit, Abhrak Bhasm, Swarna Bhasm, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Athabala etc.

In thelight of above mentioned herbs, Baidyanath has compiled the "Swarn Shakti Ras" capsule, with all above mentioned herbs as Ingredients. Apart from this, some Aphrodisiac  herbs & Bhasma such as Vang Bhasma, Talmakhana, Semal Musli,Shudh Kuchla have been included in formulations.

Due to the above important combination of the substances, the "Swarn Shakti Ras"  becomes an effective medicine. It is useful in all types of physical & mental weakness, mental weakness.It acts like tonic in for Old age persons. Those who have high blood pressure problems, should not consume this medicine. 


1 capsule twice a day after meals with milk 




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