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Baidyanath Ekangvir Ras Helps Relieve Several Vat Disorders

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Baidyanath (Jhansi) Ekangveer Ras is an Ayurvedic medicine especially used to treat paralysis, sciatica, facial paralysis and other diseases of the nervous system. It is made with abhrak, naga and kanta loha bhasma to make it more potent. It also helps alleviate pain related to chronic vat diseases. Read More

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Ekang Veer Ras by Baidyanath (Jhansi) is an ayurvedic medicine especially used to treat paralysis, sciatica, facial paralysis. The major ingredients of the medicine are chitrak, amla, bhringaraja, dhatura, kushta, black pepper, pippali, ginger, trikatu, triphala, vang bhasma, abhrak bhasma, lauh bhasma, shuddha gandhak, ras sindoor, tamra bhasma, naga bhasma.

Beneficial in nervous system disorders like paralysis It helps alleviate pain related to chronic vat diseases May nourish the brain and nerves

Rasa Sindoor, Gandhak (Purified), Kant Lauha Bhasma, Bang Bhasma,Nag Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, Abhrak, Bhasma, Sontha, Kust, Tikshna Lauha Bhasma, Amalaki, Mirch, Pipal, Trifala, Trikana, Sambhalu, Chitrak, Bhringraj, Kuchala, Dhatura, Adrak.

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