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B-Gangadhar Churna

Size: 60 gm

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Gangadhar Churna is also a well-known treatment for Grahani roga and other disorders associated with diarrhoea-like symptoms. It is also beneficial in the treatment of fissures in ano patients and aids in maintaining a regular bowel movement and a stool quotient. This herbal preparation is known as a Kapha - Vata shamak, which means that it is hot by nature, has a stronger action, and naturally eliminates Kapha and Vata. As a result of this property, it aids in expelling intestinal gases, prevents fermentation, and activates digestion, thereby improving appetite. Additionally, it is effective against intestinal blockages. This is an extremely beneficial 'Ama' detoxification or herbal detoxification preparation. It is a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Additionally, it stimulates hunger and is beneficial to the digestive and respiratory systems. This is amazing in terms of reducing inflammation indicators in the blood and acting as a very strong analgesic.

Useful in Abdominal disorders like Sprue, Diarrhoea,

Bilva giri,Dadima Patti,Musta,Netrabala,Nimba Chaal,Jambu Chaal,Sala,Rasnjan,Vatsaka,Patha,Majistha,Mocarasa,Daruharidra,Dhatki Puspa,Kirataka,Bhrangraja,Sunthi,Ativisha,Maricha,Pipalli, S uddha bhanga,Kutja.

1 to 3 g twice a day with honey or rice water.

Bhaishajya Ratnavali

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