There are various methods in Ayurveda to improve eye sight. If proper care for eye is not take, It can result into various eye common diseases with respective symptom -


  • Red eye
  • Swelling of conjunctiva
  • Watering of the eyes 


  • Boil on eye lid
  • Pain 

The Ayurvedic name for defective eyesight is ‘Drishti Dosha’. Alochaka Pitta is responsible for maintaining eyesight and it weakens with age. Proper caring for the eyes is one preventative measure that helps.

AYURVEDIC diet for improving eye care -

  • Consuming good amount of apple and grapes helps in improving your eyesight.
  • Eat spinach in your diet is beneficial. It purifies your blood, increases the hemoglobin and improves your eyesight.
  • Source of vitamin A include them in your diet like Turnip, Carrots, fresh milk, cheese, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, soya beans, green peas, oranges and dates .
  • Almond is ideal for eyes; it strengthens the vision, and calm mental stress. Take 1-2 t. a day with warm milk or sweet orange juice.
  • Eat daily some cardamom seeds with 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • Consuming blueberry juice, Cucumber juice  considered to be very useful for your eyes.

AYURVEDIC herb for improving eye care-

  • Amla - Extract the juice of fresh amla and drink 20 ml twice daily.
  • Shatavari - Mix 1 teaspoon of powdered asparagus in half teaspoon of honey. Take the mixture twice daily with warm cow’s milk.
  • Bhringraj- When Bhringraj herb or amla herb oil or paste is applied over eyes, they help in improving eye vision.
  • Black pepper- Black pepper powder should be mixed with honey o improve eyesight.
  • Ghee - Rub a small amount of ghee on soles of the feet to improve eye vision.
  • Rose petals - Freshly extracted juice of properly cleaned rose petals, which can be used both internally and externally for improving eye vision.
  • Triphala- Triphala strengthens the muscles of the eyes and improves eyesight. It is helpful in curing various eye problems like cataracts,myopia and conjunctivitis. It is also used to wash the eyes, in order to reduce their redness. Triphala is very helpful in treating impaired vision. Triphla ghrita
  • It is indicated in diseases of eyes. Useful in conjunctivitis and many other eye troubles. Triphala nourishes the nerves and tissues of the eyeball, including the eyelens. Cow’s ghee balances the vitiation of the vata dosha and normalizes it.  Put a teaspoonful of Triphala powder in a glass of water( use of distilled water is preferable) , and let it stay overnight. Strain the water and wash the eyes with it.

Exercise for Eye –

  • By using palming which can be stated as a revised version of the thousand year old yoga tradition known was Hatha Yoga. It relieves strain and stress from your mind and eyes which needs the required break. For this you have to warm your hands by rubbing them together vigorously. Once it’s warm cover the eye without touching the eyelids. This relaxes the nerves and helps in blood circulation.
  • Close both the eyes very tightly by shutting the lids firmly. Open them suddenly which allows you to feel the stretch. Once open arch your brows and stretch your face. Repeat this several times a day.
  • Rotate your eyes in all the directions. Slowly and steadily concentrate one eye at a time. Do this exercise more than dozen times and try doing this with your eyes shut.
  • Perform Netra Basti which is bathing your eyes with clarified butter to reduce eye strain and to improve eyesight.

Your doctor/Vaidya will first try to diagnose and treat the condition that is causing your eye diseases/symptom.