Bronchitis (Kasroga i.e cough)

Bronchitis is a condition in which there is an acute inflammation of the trachea and bronchi of the lungs, resulting in the accumulation and discharge of phlegm or sputum. Bronchitis can be acute or chronic. Acute bronchitis is of short duration and is cured within a few weeks, while chronic bronchitis persists for much longer duration.

Aggravated Vata (air) blocks the Kapha (water) in the respiratory channels, the movement of the air gets interrupted, and phlegm accumulates in the lung tissue. In order to expel this phlegm, there is a natural reaction of coughing, which results in Bronchitis. This can be attributed to many reasons like inhalation of smoke and dust, physical exertion, intake of foods and drinks that have a drying effect on the body, and the obstruction of the trachea by food particles. Another cause is suppressing the natural urges of the body, such as passing stool and urine, hunger, thirst, sleep, sneezing, breathing, yawning, tears, coughing, etc. 

  • Cough
  • Irritation in the throat
  • Tightness in the chest


Ayurveda calls this disease Kasroga and considers it to be caused by poor digestion. Poor diet, poor digestion and incomplete elimination of wastes lead to formation of ama (mucus) in the lungs. This creates a favorable ground for growth of infecting organisms in the bronchial area. Stress, poor lifestyle, bad circulation, and lack of rejuvenative measures can deteriorate the body’s immune response to invading organisms in the bronchial area.

Diet & Lifestyle:
  • Sour substance, pickles and curd should be strictly avoided. Also cold items like cold drinks, ice creams should be avoided. Fruits like banana and guavas are contra indicated in this condition.
  • Foods which are easy to digest should be preferred. Generous amount of green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet.
  • Alcohol and tobacco should be avoided.
Exposure to cold wind and rain should be avoided. Also one should avoid excess humidity, dust and allergic pollens. Heavy physical exercises should not be done.

Home Remedy:
  • Haldi is the most common home remedy for bronchitis. A tea spoon of tumeric powder should be mixed in a glass of milk and taken two times daily. It is more effective if taken on an empty stomach.
  • The juice of vasa is also very beneficial for bronchitis. It can be taken twice or thrice daily.
  • Ginger juice and honey mixed in a cup of warm water can also be taken which helps in the easy expectoration of the phlegm.
  • Equal quantity of dried ginger, black pepper and long pepper should be mixed with honey and one tea spoon of this mixture should be taken thrice daily.
  • Tulsi is also a great herb for bronchitis. Water boiled with tulsi leaves bring relief to the sore throat. This water can also be used as a gargle.

Note: Medicine should be taken according to vaidya/docter

Treatment with Remedies