Leucoderma (Loss of Pigment)

Leucoderma is the gradual loss of skin pigment i.e. melanin, from layers of the skin. White patches occur all over the body including face, scalp and genitals.

Ayurveda is the most ancient system of medicine. According to Ayurveda Vitiligo & Leucoderma are termed ‘Kilas’. It is further known as ‘Darun’, ‘Charun’ and ‘Switr’ as this is tridosaj. It is a skin disorder mainly due to inappropriate diet combination intake regularly and formed due to disturbance of tridosas namely ‘Vaat’, ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’. After aggravation it moves & affects to rakta, mans and med dhatus..

Treatment consists of pacifying imbalanced body energies, cleansing the blood and administrating herbs that restore skin color. Poor digestion is the root cause of this disease, as it causes the build-up of toxins in the tissues. An essential part of treatment, therefore, is restoring digestion. The patient will also be advised on the correct diet and lifestyle adjustments to prevent recurrence of the disorder.

    • White patches (de-pigmentation) on skin
    • Premature graying of scalp hair, eyelashes


Excessive stress or worry,

Chronic gastric problems or

Improper liver functions,

Excessive consumption of opposite food items (e.g. milk and fish together),

Worms/parasites in the digestive system,

Burns and injuries and heredity.

Diet & Lifestyle:
  • Increase consumption of vegetables that are bitter in taste, like drumsticks and bitter gourd.
  • Stay away from difficult to digest foods, sour taste, excessive salt, curd, fish, jaggery and sesame seeds.
  • Avoid consumption of opposite foods, such as fish and milk together.
  • Have sound and adequate sleep daily.
  • Do not over-expose yourself to excessive cold or heat conditions.

Home Remedy:
  • Make a paste of Bakuchi (Psoralea Corylifolia) and coconut oil and apply over the white patches and expose it to early sunrays (morning sunlight) for 15 minutes.


  • Take about 500 gm of turmeric and 8 liters of water, boil until it shrinks to a liter. Now, filter the solution and add about 500 ml of mustard oil. Apply this mixture twice a day on the leucoderma patches. Soak 50 gm of tamarind seeds in water for 3-4 days, then let them dry out well and grind them to a paste. Mix the powder with water to a paste and apply it to affected areas daily, until the patches disappear.

Note: Medicine should be taken according to vaidya/docter

Treatment with Remedies